Passing the giant torii gate, explore Heian Shrine!

In the northeast of our house, there is Heisn shrine, which is famous for the giant torii gate.
The beautiful vermillion shrine stands behind the large site covered in white sand.
Jidai Matsuri, the festival on 22nd Oct, is held at Heian Shrine and it is also one of the three biggest festivals in Kyoto.

The inner garden is divided into 4 areas; east, middle, west and south.
It was designed by seventh Jihe OGAWA, who also worked on Maruyama park and Murin An in Kyoto.
People experience varied views around 3 characteristic ponds.

You will enjoy seasonal flowers, too.
Weeping cherry blossoms in spring and irises in early summer are must see!

After the shrine, why not visit TSUTAYA BOOKS, connected to ROHM Theatre?
You can find the books specializing in Japanese living, traditional culture and history, which are suitable to the ancient capital.
There is also an open cafe & restaurant on the second floor.

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