Cycling to Kamogawa river

For sightseeing in Kyoto, bicycles are useful anyhow.
And if you ride a bicycle, Kamogawa river is definitely recommended!
Here, we intoroduce our favorite cycling course to "Kamogawa Delta".

Go out our shopping street, then go west 5 min, you will hit Kamogawa riverside.
Across the Sanjo Bridge, and go down at the promenade along the river.
Pass through the bridge, and go north while looking at distant mountains.
Since there are benches and lawn on the way, it's nice to proceed while taking a break.
It's also very nice to relax without going to temples or shrines in Kyoto.

About 3 km from the Sanjo Bridge, you will arrive at "Kamogawa Delta".
For now, this is the goal. Congratulations!
The above picture was taken on the northwestern promenade from the Delta. It's our favorite spot.

In the north of the Delta, there is a shrine called "Shimogamo Shrine".
Walking in the World Heritage Sites "Tadasu-no-mori forest" around the shrine, you will feel refreshed.
Aoi Festival(in May) and Mitarai Festival(in July) are also worth seeing.

If you come this far, you must try "Bean Daifuku" from Demachifutaba.
Since the shop is popular, there is always a long queue. But it's surely worth to wait.
Actually, you can avoid to queue by call them beforehand.
There is no word to discribe how perfect the balance of red bean paste and little salty mochi. It's simply nothing but the best daifuku.


Address : Center of Kyoto city


Address : 59 ShimogamoKamoizumi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city
Open : 6:30~17:00


Phone : 075-231-1658
Address : 236 Seiryu-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto city
Open : 8:30~17:30
Closed : Tue & 4th Wed

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